Baris Soybilgen

Baris Soybilgen

Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Information Systems

Istanbul Bilgi University

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Management Information Systems under the Faculty of Business and the assistant director of Center for Financial Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University. I am also a freelance data scientist.

I have a PhD in Economics. My main interests are applied econometrics and data science. My research agenda is mostly focus on developing linear and machine learning models to predict macroeconomic and financial variables. I am also interested in evaluating Turkish economy using panel and time series analysis.

I also assist NGOs and businesses in developing predictive models, deriving useful insights from their collected data, and conducting economic impact analysis. I am always open to new challenges and business opportunities. Please free to contact me.

My Interests: Time-Series/Panel Data Analysis, Macroeconomic/Financial Forecasting, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization.